Bike Jumble

Recycle your Bicycle: at the Cogfest Jumble sale.

The Cogfest Bike Jumble gives you the chance to clear out your bike clutter, make some money, bag yourself a bargain and support the school – all at the same time.

It’s another small thing we’re doing to try and help grown ups and children get active, stay active and keep healthy.

Anyone can sell at our Bike Jumble (as long you’ve got a sellers pack), and anyone can buy, we’ve made it all really easy.

We’re looking for bikes, scooters, cycle equipment, cycle clothing and cycling accessories.

How to become a seller

  1. Contact the organisation team below to get a sellers pack.
  2. On the front of each ticket clearly label the amount you would like for the item, and a description if necessary. On the back of each ticket, note your name and address.
  3. During the event, volunteers will organise your items into stalls (ie clothing, bike parts, etc) sell your items, take payment and each ticket
  4. After the event, you will receive payment of 75% of the ticket price for each item sold. The remaining 25% goes to the PTA.
  5. Any unsold items must be collected from the event after the closure of the Jumble and before 6pm.
  6. Sellers are asked to set their own prices for items, but the team can help on pricing if needed.

For a sellers pack: contact or call Helen on 07931 564353.

NB: This is NOT a jumble sale, or general car boot sale. This is all about helping people get active through cycling. So please don’t bring along non-cycling stuff as we won’t accept it,  you’ll get upset, the children will get upset, it will spoil the event, etc etc…

How to become a buyer

  1. Turn up with money
  2. Buy cycling goods