Here we go – yr 2

Year Two has been an interesting challenge. As a team have been so much more relaxed, sometimes to the point of forgetfulness; something that didn’t happen at all last year. And we’ve also had to deal with poorly timed health events affecting some of the crew. Nevertheless, Cotswold Cogfest is in the last stages of preparation and we are pretty much raring to go. We have a new feed station location, thanks to South Cerney Parish Council. It feels great to try and give something back to the places we ride through, and they’ve been so supportive it’s been a delight.

This year is all about consolidation. Was last year a fluke, riding on people’s good will? Or do we have something that can get better over time, encourage more people to ride, more people to find themselves in our glorious countryside, more kids to take up cycling, more people to be outdoors, even – yikes – more people to don the lycra.

We really hope we’ve tapped a seam of bike riding that more and more people can get on board with. We’re not seeing it as a massive profit-making venture – we charge £15 – but we’re up against events charging as much as £70, so we’ll always have some limit. But we think we give great value, and as for the homemade cakes – well, already people are saying it wouldn’t be Cogfest with it!

See you there.